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Sun, sea, travel insurance - make sure your dream holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare

Don’t let your dream trip become a nightmare.

Here are our top tips for finding the right travel insurance at the right price:

1.      Consider whether you’re likely to travel more than once during the year; if so, an annual multi trip policy will usually work out cheaper than a single trip policy.

2.      Before selecting the level of baggage and belongings cover, think carefully about how much it would really cost you to replace your camera, phone, laptop, clothes etc. Identify whether you already have some cover (eg mobile phone or home contents insurance).

3.      To get the most benefit from your cancellation cover, you need to buy it as soon as you’ve booked your holiday. The recommended limit for cancellation cover is the total cost of your holiday.

4.      Travel insurance is often priced according to three different destination zones. Make sure that you’re covered for any day trips you might go on while on holiday that would take you out of the main zone, eg from Greece into Turkey.

5.      Be aware that existing medical conditions exclusions aren’t limited to medication conditions that have already been diagnosed, but may also apply to symptoms that the customer experienced before buying the policy.

6.      Make sure that your policy covers any hazardous activities that you are planning to do on holiday.

7.      Shop around. Once you’ve identified the type and level of cover that you need, use our online comparison tool to shop for the right policy at the right price.

For more help finding the right travel insurance policy for you and your family, call Westhill on 020 8308 4344.

Posted By WestHill Insurance on 17th August, 2017