Subsidence Insurance

D O’K, South Norwood

I thought buying my dream home was not going to become a reality when I discovered the area is considered to be a subsidence hotspot, so thanks for all your help in providing me with a suitable insurance policy.

Mrs T E, Redhill

I had been warned to expect difficulties in insuring my house because it has been underpinned and I am so glad I did my research and found Westhill Insurance – it has been a pleasure dealing with you and to have the peace of mind I am adequately covered.

H Z, Lincolnshire

Great was our disappointment, when we went in our house in 2006 and found out later that there was a subsidence history. Although everything had been repaired (underpinned) our present INs. Comp (Halifax) terminated the cover almost instantly after the information and there was no Insurance Company who would take us on, so we went via a Broker to a Lloyds of London Syndicate for building and contents insurance for our substandard risk. At that time we were happy that we found a solution but every year the premium went up and up and up, so this year renewal we started to look around again for a better alternative.With Westhill we came in contact with Deniz and were impressed with her approach and patience for our quote. After a few questions and an interchange of some relevant documents she cameback within a few days with a lower premium and almost the same cover as we had before, inspite all the bad information of the past. Well done!! Now we are waiting for the Policy Conditions to check the them against our previous one. So far we feel happy with the professional approach of Deniz and will certainly suggest Westhill to our friends and will use this Agency also for quoting for our other insurances. Thank you very much indeed!

L H, Southampton

I wanted to thank you for your help and for responding so quickly to my query. Your advice and guidance were greatly appreciated - I approached your company due to the great feedback that other customers have given you on your website. I didn’t think that every word they wrote would be true - but it certainly is. Once again, many thanks.

C M, Tunbridge Wells

Thanks Hannah - you've been fantastic! Just waiting to hear from the current vendors insurance company too and once i do, i will be in touch tomorrow. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service!!! Very reassuring.

H L, Colchester

And not forgetting; I had never heard of underpinning before and when the cracks first appeared I was really scared. Although there was a fair degree of disturbance when the underpinning was done, I was very impressed with the claims service I received from the moment I first called you right until when the work was completed.

Mr E E, York

Please convey my appreciation to Damien for all his work. For the first time in years I actually feel I have appropriate insurance for my home, confident the insurers appreciate my property has been previously underpinned.

Mr G W, Exeter

I thought I'd never get a good deal for my home insurance, because of its history of subsidence. I'm just glad I found Westhill, because you offered a great rate and your service is fantastic. Thanks.

L N, Bury St Edmonds

The staff have been amazing! They are really helpful, thorough and always get back to me promptly if further follow up is required. A fantastic service! Thank you!

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