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Why buy Flood Risk Insurance with Westhill?

•    We understand flood risk and we know which insurers to approach about each individual case. We will be able to provide a quotation that reflects the actual level of risk posed by your individual property.
•    You’ll have a dedicated adviser who can help you identify exactly what you should insure, so you’ll never pay for cover you don’t need.
•    If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, our experienced team will support you through the process, making it run as smoothly as possible.

About Our Flood Risk Insurance

Flooding is a major issue for some homeowners and tenants looking to buy buildings and contents insurance.

If your property has a history of flooding, or is in a designated Environment Agency Flood Zone, you may find it difficult to find cover.

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Even beach huts require insurance! Usually constructed of wood, these little seaside retreats are often difficult to insure – both because of their construction and their proximity to water! We can provide insurance for difficult-to-insure properties, so call us on 0208 308 4344, to prove life is not a beach!

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Find Out More About Our Flood Risk Insurance

I live in a high risk flood area. What can I do to reduce my premium?

Homeowners and tenants whose properties have been flooded in the past, or who live in flood risk areas, can find it difficult to access affordable buildings and contents insurance. There are a number of things you can do to make your risk more attractive to insurers:

•    You could commission a property-level flood risk survey to help insurers determine exactly what the risk to your property is compared to your neighbours. Beware that not all insurers will take these surveys into account, though.
•    Investigate flood defence measures, such as flood doors, airbrick covers and raised electrical sockets.
•    Contact the National Flood Forum – a charity which supports individuals and communities at risk of flooding.

What is the agreement between the Government and the insurance industry?

Insurers have committed to provide insurance to many customers at risk of flood under an agreement called the Statement of Principles.

The agreement guarantees that insurers will:
•    Renew existing customers’ home insurance if their property is not at significant risk of flooding
•    Renew the home insurance of existing customers whose properties are at a significant risk of flooding, as long as the Government plans to reduce the flood risk in the area below significant within 5 years
•    Continue cover for the new owners of high flood risk properties if the original customer decides to sell.

The current agreement expired on 31 July 2013 but most insurers have voluntarily agreed to meet the commitments set out in the Statement of Principles until a new flood scheme – Flood Re – is rolled out in 2015.

What is the Flood Re scheme?

Flood Re is a not-for-profit scheme developed by insurers and the Government to ensure that flood insurance remains widely affordable and available.

Under the terms of the deal, the flooding part of home insurance premiums will be capped at £210 a year for homes in council tax bands A and B, rising to £540 a year for homes in band G.

More information about Flood Re is available on the ABI website.

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