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Summer Fun

Insurance is a serious subject, but sometimes things come along to make us smile in the claims department. Here are a few of the summer’s funny claims from the travel insurance industry this season:

The pensioner whose false teeth fell out whilst he was being sick over the side of a cruise ship: on his claim form he ticked the option of “lost baggage”!

A family enjoying a quiet camping holiday in Wales had their vacation ruined when a paratrooper from a nearby airbase landed on their tent and broke their equipment.

A young British tourist got distracted by a group of girls in bikinis and broke his nose when he walked into a bus stop in Athens.

A dream wedding on a Caribbean beach was ruined then the bride’s dress caught fire at the barbeque. Her quick thinking groom threw her in the ocean. Of course the dress was ruined – but the newly-weds excellent insurance policy made sure their costs were covered.

A skier, moments after arriving at an alpine resort, realised there was too little snow so she called her insurers to claim for the cost of the new skis she had bought for her trip.

To laugh about silly encounters, you need to feel safe. Thank heavens for travel insurance!

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Posted on 29th August, 2014