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Meet Ryan Jennings, IT Manager

Westhill Insurance has been my place of work for fourteen years now. I was lucky enough to secure a full time job here when I first left college and it has served me well. I wanted a job in commerce and a role which I could develop, and Westhill has offered me the opportunity to establish a role which is constantly evolving. I have achieved the position of IT Manager, learning a great deal about business and insurance along the way.

In simplistic terms, as IT Manager, I look after everything with a plug – and lots of things without! I think once you have a mindset for solving problems and making things work, you can apply this to many different problems. So, if it is broken (or playing up!) I am first in line to fix it! Additionally, I look after all the various statistics which Westhill Insurance requires to make sure they are performing to their exacting standards. At Westhill, we all work as a team, so we all use our skills to our best advantage – if you can do a task, why not?

My main way to relax away from the office is to watch films – both at the cinema and at home. I have to admit to a fondness for gaming (Xbox) – and anything which can be classed as a ‘gadget’ will definitely get my attention! In an attempt to counter the time spent on the sofa, I am regularly running and cycling: I said I like a challenge – now I have one! I am sticking with it, and like most difficulties in life, the more I do it, the easier it becomes.

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Posted on 29th August, 2014