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It pays to be on the ball off the field

The glamorous life-style of the World Cup footballers and their WAGS. Given the coverage of the FIFA World Cup, we are now used to seeing the various players from many teams advertising everything from the most expensive of watches through to a fairly budget deodorant brand! There’s no denying these guys work hard, train hard, party hard and live their lives in a public manner, probably when privacy is one of the things they crave most.

They are revered, feted and have a very inviting looking lifestyle. It is quite funny then to think of them having living life at a ‘normal’ level and having to worry about such things as insurance! They may well have managers (or WAGS!) to look after the mundane, but many others are quite canny business men and will get involved themselves. Just for fun, here are some of the every-day (for them) insurances they need to think about.

Car insurance – professional footballers will be expected to pay a higher premium as opposed to the ‘standard risks’ that most of us pay. Of course, they drive expensive, high performance cars which are often be-spoke with the addition of tens of thousands of pounds worth of additional equipment. Now that drives up the premium!

Career ending injury cover – the pitch is an unrelenting area and you never know what injury will occur or which long-standing old injury will restart. All professional footballers should look to taking care of their future.

Income protection plan – a little like career ending injury cover but with different elements and designed to assist when the ability to play at all has gone

Sports Injury plan – this pays out for professional footballers when they fracture or break a bone, strain or rupture something. This provides peace of mind whilst they are sitting on the bench as they have some income to rely on.

Home insurance – professional footballers are high risk here too. Insurers will be worried that they will be away from home a great deal, and empty properties attract higher premiums. At the same time, the properties are going to be lavish and contain more gizmos and expensive collections than you can shake a stick at – another thought for the insurance company. Of course many professional footballers collect art or have extensive car collections; all of these items need the correct insurance.

Business insurance – some professional footballers have commercial interests off the pitch and if they employ staff, have premises or run company cars, they have to think about business insurance on these too.

So, whilst professional footballers come alive on the pitch, they are on the ball off it too! Life in the limelight has its perks, but sometimes, for those of us not aligned to such greatness, it is a comfort to think that their life has some of the same boring elements as ours. One big bonus for us though is that if we make a mistake, we don’t have millions of people witnessing it!

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Posted on 2nd July, 2014