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Holidays from Hell

Summer holidays – trips to tantalizing places with strange sounding names, sangria and sunshine. Fabulous! Buy travel insurance before you leave, don’t forget to pack the essentials, take care of your belongings and have a great time. We all look forward to getting away from it all, but sometimes things go wrong. Here are just three tales you won’t believe!

A couple from the north were going to Dover to head over to France for a lovely touring holiday with their very elderly mother. When they arrived at Dover they realised Mum hadn’t brought her passport. Loathed to delay their holiday, they simply locked her in the caravan and headed off, smuggling her through the port. When they got to France, they realised she had died en route. As law abiding citizens they went to a French police station to own up, but whilst they were reporting the death to the Gendarmes, someone stole the car and caravan – complete with Mum. The couple went on to claim on their insurance, but the car, caravan and Mother were never seen again!

That is a sad tale indeed, and we all are truly sorry for their loss. It is a different story maybe for the lady whose husband died whilst they were abroad on holiday. She insisted on accompanying the body home on the same flight. Sweet, you may think. She stated she wasn’t doing it to be near him, but so she could claim his duty free allowance!

Summer is the time of year when traditionally people make the pilgrimage to Lourdes in France. One such group, consisting of sick travellers and their carers headed off but sadly their coach broke down in France. The local hospital had to send a fleet of ambulances as they were all stranded by the side of the road, unable to move. One eighty year old lady had to abandon her pilgrimage when her carer fell over and broke her hip. The carer was her one hundred year old mother!

Wherever you are going, we wish you Bon Voyage and a wonderful summer.

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Posted on 2nd July, 2014