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Extra Cash

We could all probably do with some! Ever since the launch of the National Lottery in 1994, many (or most!) of us have fantasised about winning the lottery and living the high life. Most of us realise this will probably never happen to us (especially if we don’t buy the ticket!) but for some people, a dream will always be a dream and so they take matters into their own hands, and raise their much wanted cash in other ways when the opportunity arises.

If you are thinking about telling even one extra, teeny, weeny little fib on your insurance claim – think again! Is it worth getting a criminal record for, and can you expect to get away with it? Here are some tales of just a few insurance cheats who have been caught in recent months. Their actions are well planned, clearly premeditated and for anyone thinking these crimes are victimless – think again!

  • Sixty people, including seven members of the same family, were convicted of a ‘crash for cash’ staged accident fraud which involved over £514,000 being claimed from 25 vehicle crashes alone
  • A professional golfer who claimed £8,000 on his income protection policy for a knee injury that he said left him unable to work, was caught on camera giving golf lessons! He was ordered to do 140 hours unpaid community work
  • A bus company was forced to scrap a bus route after it was targeted by ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters
  • A woman was jailed for twenty two months following a series of invented street robberies for items including laptops and designer clothes
  • A vet was jailed for two years for inventing veterinary claims totalling nearly £200,000 for treating non-existent pets

So from this little list, you can see that insurance fraudsters come in all shapes and sizes, from organised crime through to the professional classes, to an individual who says their (designer) clothes have been stolen (whilst she was wearing them?)! One thing these people have in common is that they are criminals – and the honest public pays for their gains.

So next time you are dreaming of some extra cash, remember that looking to fleece your insurance company is not the best way forward. You are much better off buying that lottery ticket! Money can buy you a lot of things – except happiness, and perhaps your liberty!

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Posted on 19th June, 2014