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Watching out for those drivingselfies

Astonishingly one in fourteen motorists (7%) have admitted taking a photograph of themselves whilst driving – which they have then posted on social media sites, with 287 tweets tagged with #drivingselfie or #drivingselfies in the past 30 days alone!

According to a recent survey, the worst culprits are young drivers, with 9% of 18-24 year olds admitting they have taken photos behind the wheel. A further 9% of motorists admitted that using their phone whilst driving has led to an accident, and worryingly, more than 36% of drivers use their phone when in the car. Of these, 75% said they use their phones to make calls whilst a terrifying 43% admit to texting.

The police issued 118,000 fixed penalty notices in 2013 to people using their phones, but more than 57% who were caught said they continued to use their phones illegally. Anyone taking their eyes of the road for a split second risk having an accident and to do so to take a photo or read/send a text is just plain stupid. If drivers are caught, they not only risk fines and penalty points, they can also see their car insurance premiums rocket.

Until this craze of posting selfies onto social media sites dies down, we can all only hope we are not on the receiving end of a resulting accident. Make sure you have the correct insurance to cover your lifestyle (if you use your car for commuting to and from work for example, check you are insured for this – many people are caught out!). At Westhill Insurance Services we pride ourselves on selling the insurance which you need without adding on extras which you’ll never use. If you are looking for honest and down to earth advice, make one quick call to us. We have an ever growing client base – and now that you can refer your friends and family to us and gain £££’s off your own insurance premiums, why not find out why we are so popular? Call us NOW.

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Posted on 30th April, 2014