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Pay but no Display

This coming October sees the end of the tax disc as we know it. Thanks to modern technology we will no longer be required to display the disc – but we are still required to pay the tax!

Renewal of the tax discs has long been a thorny subject and until recently when we could renew on-line, it meant joining long queues in the Post Office and coming away clutching our new spherical disc, tearing it carefully around the perforated edge and placing it gingerly in the car disc holder on our windscreen (passenger side, bottom corner, please!)

Not only will we now pay, but not display, we can also make our payments by monthly direct debit. This is no doubt a huge benefit to those struggling to find the bulk payment – and especially if your MOT coincides with your road tax renewal! However, paying by monthly instalments may not be a good idea as surcharges will be added. Also, bear in mind that ‘first registration’ vehicles, HGV’s and fleet contracts will not be able to pay monthly. The disc will also no longer be transferable on private sales. This is to ensure the seller can’t mislead the buyer into thinking there is more tax available on the vehicle than there actually is. The previous owner will be responsible to claim the unused period and the new owner will have to start afresh when the vehicle is purchased.

So, we lose a little bit of motoring history. With us since 1921 and bearing its first perforation in 1938, we bid farewell to the paper tax disc. We are now going have our road tax details reduced to just to a data entry on a computer: forward momentum for many!

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Posted on 29th April, 2014