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From Russia with Love?

One CCTV company is calling for different kinds of cameras to be made compulsory in all cars, in an attempt to cut down on insurance fraud – which could lead to savings of up to £50 a year for law abiding drivers. These cameras, known as ‘dashcams’ (small video cameras which sit on the dashboard) could clamp down on the infamous ‘crash-for-cash’ scams which cost the insurance industry £392 million a year. One in seven motor injury claims is now connected to a bogus cash-for-crash scam.


In Russia, fraud became so rampant that dashcams are all but compulsory now when taking out an insurance policy. Insurers and courts now only accept video evidence when it comes to making a road-related claim. One flourishing scam in Russia saw pedestrians throwing themselves at stationery cars at traffic lights and claiming to have been run over – a scam which has since been all but eradicated, thanks to the dashcam.


At Westhill Insurance Services we welcome anything which can remove insurance fraud as this practice costs the law abiding citizens dear as premiums rise to cover the cost of the fraudulent claims being made. Motor insurance is not only important – it is a legal requirement. Sadly, new figures indicate that nearly 500,000 UK motorists have received penalty points for driving without insurance in the last three years. Some motoring groups are blaming the comparatively low court costs for the flippant attitude to having the correct insurance: court fines average just £300 compared to the high risk or young driver premiums that can cost as much as £2,000. Untraced and uninsured drivers cause 130 deaths and over 26,000 injuries every year and anything which can be done to keep uninsured drivers off the road can only be a good thing.


Next time you are looking for insurance for any type of vehicle, make a call to one of our friendly and professional team and let our experience in insurance keep you safe on the road. We may not have the driving tribulations that Russia has endured but getting good, solid advice will allow you to get the right policy at an affordable price – which is why our customers recommend us. Ask about our customer referral voucher scheme and learn how you can save £££’s off your own insurance!


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Posted on 26th April, 2014