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King Canute does all in his power to protect his home

During these times of dreadful floods we have all heard amazing tales of tenacity and strength in the face of great destruction. One tale which perhaps stood out from others is that of Somerset’s own King Canute who has built his own flood defences to keep his home dry from the rising waters.

Builder Sam Notaro has managed to hold back the floods from his newly built £1 million home and is now perched on an island surrounded by fields of muddy floodwaters on the Somerset Levels. Ensuring his partner and their children left the property in case of flooding to their home, Mr Notaro stayed behind to man the pump system which is pushing back the water onto farmland.

Situated on a four acre plot – luckily the highest point in Moorland, the house is built on a area never before subjected to flooding and Mr Notaro is determined to maintain this record. He has wrapped the bottom of his house in polythene in an attempt to stop any rainwater seeping through the bricks and has constructed a barrier to hold back the flooding. Water from this is being pumped back out and although there is the worry that the barrier may collapse if the water pressure rises too much, the pumps appeared to be coping well.

The house was built as high as the Environment Agency would allow and the land had never before flooded, so the recent turn of events is unprecedented. Although called “Moorland” no one expected the land to flood and for all Mr Notaro’s acres to be plunged underwater.

Sadly, with a pump starting to fail and his diggers succumbing to the water, now it appears that water is seeping up through the 5’ barrier surrounding the property. Whilst the outcome for Mr Notaro is not yet finalised, (and we all wish him success with his endeavours), he will be remembered as the 21st century King Canute who did his level best to hold back the waters. At least Mr Notaro is not deluded, he understood from the beginning that he could only try his best to defend and protect his home, whereas the original King Canute (who lived between 985 and 1035) suffered from delusions of grandeur: he believed himself to be so powerful that his command could hold back the tide. To prove his power, he had his throne placed on the shore from where he commanded the tide to hold back. Naturally this did not work and he almost drowned! That rather puts the old adage of “Time and tide wait for no man” into true perspective.

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 6th March, 2014