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Social Media – use it or lose it!

Communications! If we don’t communicate we don’t engage with people – and we certainly won’t learn anything new, useful or perhaps just plain interesting! Once upon a time, we wrote each other letters, then we used to send a telegram, then we progressed to a telex message (look it up if you are unsure!) and then we sent each other a fax. Heady days – but now we have a plethora of means by which to communicate, one of the most common of these being through the power of social media.

At Westhill Insurance Services we like to make communication easy so that we can reach out to our clients with advice, special offers and news – and of course we love it when we hear from you.

We find Twitter is useful for posting messages which we hope are relevant and helpful. Information is transmitted so fast that we would like to know what sort of information you would like us to post on Twitter so that we can keep it relevant and fresh. Don’t forget to look out for industry mole in the know - Mo the Mole, he posts from time to time and can also be found on our website at www.westhill-insurance.co.uk

Please take a look at our Facebook page then let us know what you’d like us to put up in the way of news, articles and advice. Here you can meet our team (including Mo the Mole – the guy with the inside information!) and learn more about what we do and how we do it. We mix in the lighter news stories with the more serious, and our overall aim is to keep in touch with clients and providers alike. We want this to be interactive, so come on – take a look and let us know what we can do to make this better for you!

Social media is here to stay and at Westhill we consider it both necessary and exciting, so come on, join us with Tweets and Facebook posts and let’s make things happen!

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 16th February, 2014