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The Future of Insurance

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” So goes the famous line from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the vain witch consulted the mirror each day. As long as the mirror found in her favour, she was quite happy. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what some of the future holds for you – just simple everyday things which would make your life a bit easier?

For example, when is your property most likely to be burgled? Which is the safest day to drive on the road? When are your children most likely to damage your phone? One of the leading insurers believes that they can give an indication of how your insurance year will pan out. By using their massive claim data they have produced a forecast for the year ahead.

January – a month of water related misery. This is not just because of the recent storms, but is also caused by burst pipes as temperature dips and pipes freeze.

February – well, believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is one of the worst days of the year for car theft and house burglaries. Car thefts tend to rise by 12% and house burglaries by 9% compared to a normal day. This spike is probably caused by couples enjoying a romantic evening out and property being left unattended.

March – this sees a rise in motor theft again. Mothering Sunday brings an increase of 14% in vehicle theft.

April – and we have Easter. Easter Sunday sees a 7% increase in accidental damage claims when compared to a normal Sunday, no doubt caused by children being on holiday and so around the house to cause more chaos! Luckily, as some form of counter balance, household fires drop by 17% as the temperature warms up and people head out for a lovely Easter lunch instead of cooking at home.

May – May Day brings a 10% rise in accident claims as people spending more time at home. Damage caused by spilt drink and damage to laptops and phones are the most common claims. On the flip side, there is bad news for burglars as houses are full of families and there is a downturn of 14% opportunistic break-ins. However, bank holidays bring out motorists and this leads to 35% more motorbike accidents than on an ordinary day.

June – Fathers all over the land celebrate their special day, and we see a rise of 11% in accidental damage claims as they play with their new toys! On the plus side, there is a drop of 23% in fire claims as families go out for lunch to celebrate.

July – July 7th is statistically the third worst day of the year for burglaries, up by 12% on average. This is believed to be caused by the light, warm evenings and people leaving their windows open in order to enjoy the air. As there is also Wimbledon in full swing as well as major football tournaments, there is huge increase in claims for broken windows, which are up by a massive 20%!

August – this sees an increase in accidents in the home, up by 10% as the summer holidays draw to a close and children take the opportunity to let off steam before returning to school

September – sees a drop by 6% in accidental damage claims as the children are once again in school

October – evenings draw in and so household theft rises by 5% in the week that the clocks change. Halloween sees a rise in malicious damage of 160%. As roads become icier and evenings even darker, car accidents rise 30%

November – Guy Fawkes’ Night and burglary figures peak as this is traditionally the worst night of the year for burglary and car theft (up by 22% and 20%) as families go out to celebrate. It is also one of the worst days of the year for fire claims which rise by 60%

December – Christmas Day sees the highest increase in fire claims – up by an astonishing 120%. More cheerfully we can assume that you are least likely to be burgled on Christmas Day or Boxing Day when even thieves seem to stay at home! The safest days for motor theft are from Christmas Day to December 29th.

So there we have it, a year of insurance claims! No matter what you need insurance for, one quick call to Westhill Insurance Services will ensure your questions are answered and that you will find the best insurance policy at a price you will like. Our friendly and professional team of advisors will provide you with excellent advice and the very best in customer service, and we won’t sell you insurance you simply don’t need.

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Posted on 14th February, 2014