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A really nutty story

When you next renew your home and contents insurance and you mutter about it being an ‘unnecessary’ or ‘needless’ expense, just remember that we have insurance so that should anything out of the ordinary happen which causes damage, we can claim. Take for example the unfortunate magistrate whose living room was trashed, with damage totalling £7,000 – all caused by a squirrel!

The hapless squirrel fell down the chimney of the lady magistrate’s house and set about ransacking the room. It clawed the curtains, ran amok on the carpet (where it was ‘caught short’ – several times!) and ruined a sofa. To add insult to injury, its fall to earth triggered the burglar alarm, which in turn led the poor lady to believe she was being robbed!

Having called on the assistance of a neighbour, a window was opened and the squirrel made good its escape at a speed of knots. Of course the poor animal was sooty and grimy (having come down the chimney, albeit several days too late for Christmas) and left behind not only a trail of disaster, but a filthy one at that, leaving soot (and other deposits!) in its wake.

It wasn’t until calm was restored that the true amount of damage was determined. Luckily, the insurers covered the £7,000 required to clean and refurbish the room – which underlines just why we need insurance: you never can tell when a squirrel will drop down your chimney!

Next time you are reviewing your insurance, make one quick call to Westhill Insurance Services. Our friendly team will be pleased to advise you on the amount of insurance you really require and to make sure you do not under-estimate the value of your contents. As an independent insurance broker we will shop around to give you the best quote to match your insurance needs, and our customer service is second to none. We have heard every nutty story going, so whatever your needs, just call our professional advisors for sensible and down-to-earth advice.

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 21st January, 2014