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Off to a skiing start!

As the snow season looms, many are booking their ski holiday. Whilst many skiers and snowboarders are deciding to travel with their own skis and snowboards, some aren’t taking the time to insure them – and you have to ask yourself, “is this actually a sensible route to take?”

Travelling with your own ski equipment means you have the kit that you know and love, and of course means you avoid the extra cost of hiring it. However, according to market leaders in the winter travel insurance sector, well over 50% of those who take their own equipment will not buy a specialist policy, or even bother to extend their travel insurance to cover it during the holiday. People pay large sums of money to hit the best ski slopes in the world, and then forget to insure their skis, boots and bindings. Sadly, many find out that under a non-specialist ski policy their general baggage cover is not sufficient to cover the cost of their normal clothes and ski equipment, so skiers must always look at proper, specialist ski cover.

Bearing in mind that safety on the slopes is of paramount concern, it seems that safety equipment itself is not seen as being vitally important and many travellers feel it is not necessary to wear protective clothing or helmets. Figures indicate that last year one insurer saw that 13% of all their ski claims were for cruciate ligament damage at an average cost of £270 per claim. Elbows, arms, wrists and hands are all sensitive areas so wearing protective gear or straps, especially for little children and beginners will help to mitigate serious injury. ‘Ski thumb’ is a common affliction caused by falls on the slopes and the advice here it to let go of the poles as soon as you feel yourself falling - as it is the handles which inflict the injury.

You really need to consider what insurance you need when going skiing. At Westhill Insurance Services we have a team of professional advisors who can talk you through the maze. You will need to consider insuring your ski equipment as well as any potential medical needs and also any problems which may arise getting to your location. When there, you may want to take advantage of other sports on offer such as skidooing and heliskiing – and these activities may not be covered under a standard travel policy. Remember that the cheapest insurance can often prove the most expensive if you need to claim and it goes wrong. One simple call to our friendly team will sort you out with the policy you need.

One more thing, there is often a debate on whether to rent ski equipment or purchase it. A few guidelines to making the decision to rent skis are:

  • You only ski once a year, or less
  • You would like to try different ski styles or different brands
  • You’re a beginner and your ski needs are changing
  • You’re fed up with your own skis and want a change
  • You actually prefer to snowboard and just want to try skiing
  • You want to avoid the extra airline costs for ski transport

Remember though, that security of skis is vital, whether they are your own or hired. Sadly, theft is common so don’t leave ski equipment outside restaurants and bars – and never leave a pair together, dot them about! Some travel insurance ski policies do cover you for rental equipment, but check this with a professional advisor before you leave for your holiday. At

Westhill we can advise you on your current policy so that you can take to the slopes without a care in the world.

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 2nd January, 2014