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Flat Roof Insurance – keeping a lid on costs

Often, when a flat roof is leaking, it will soon become noticeable in the rooms below. A tricky situation occurs when you come to check the top side of the roof and find the point of water penetration is often clearly visible there, but it may not be directly above where the water enters the room. This is probably because the water enters the top layer and then runs between subsequent layers until it finds its way through to your ceiling. 

When roofs start to let in water, simply fixing the leak may not be enough to rectify the problem. Sometimes the severity of the leak can lead to costly remedial repairs in the rooms below. This is one of the reasons why flat roof building insurance can be harder to come by than insurance for standard roof types. It is essential to act quickly if you do suspect a roof leak – which is where preventative maintenance in preferable to problem solving when the leak actually happens. 

Flat roofs tend to ‘pond’ if there is a problem: this is where water pools on the surface of the roof and may be indicative of a drainage or roof gradient problem. Any ponding which is deeper than 25mm can cause trouble, so deal with it when you spot it. If you maintain your flat roof correctly, this can often help reduce your flat roof insurance premiums. 

If you have a gravel coating on your roof, you need to look out for discolouration of the stones as this can indicate a leak. Blistering of the covering material can also show that moisture has penetrated the surface layer and can cause leakage over time. Where flat roof coating has not been fitted with an adequate void space between the surface and the ceiling beneath, condensation can become a problem and threaten the integrity of the roof. A well fitted roof will make it easier to obtain flat roof house insurance, so professional help when fixing or refitting your flat roof is almost essential. 

At Westhill Insurance Services we specialise in ‘off the wall’ insurance, so flat roof insurance is something we are used to dealing with. We can provide a competitive rate to help you with your budget. Some mainstream insurers may charge a higher premium because they do not have the specialist knowledge to assess your particular case. At Westhill we will always explain to you all the options and will make sure that you only ever pay for the risks your property actually faces, as opposed to those you may not need to cover. So whether your property has a thatched roof, a flat roof, its fabric is constructed of concrete or it is timber built – no matter what the construction, make one quick call to our friendly team and get all your insurances organised professionally and quickly, keeping the roof over your head safe and sound. 

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 8th December, 2013