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Remember, remember November!

November; the month of fireworks and the start of the run up to the Festive Season as the shops become bedecked and the TV Christmas adverts flash across our screen. It is a shame then that for a month packed with so much promise, recent research has indicated that homes are more likely to be broken into in November than any other month of the year – with burglaries taking place every two minutes!

Ground floor and basement flats are the properties with the highest risk of being burgled – they are 48% more likely to be broken into than any other type of property. Semi-detached houses and upper-floor flats are the least likely to be burgled.

Burglaries are more likely to take place during the day (between 11:00am and 5:00pm), although burglars are at their most busy between midnight and 1:00am, obviously preferring the cover of darkness to carry out their dastardly deeds.

Being burgled can be a devastating, intrusive and very unpleasant business and more often than not, victims are not reunited with their stolen possessions. Items which are most likely to be taken are electrical goods such as laptops and cameras, followed by cash and jewellery. If this is of sentimental value, the true loss is even greater. The average cost of repairing damage or replacing stolen goods is estimated at £1,730. Statistics indicate that there are areas of concern regarding the frequency of burglaries: whilst the national figures are in a general decline, some areas are experiencing an increase in burglaries. South Wales police saw a rise of 29% in domestic burglaries between 2001 and 2012, whilst Kent Police saw an 11% rise.

People are advised to be vigilant at all times. Make sure that all doors and windows are properly secured and that your keys and valuables cannot be seen from a window. We are a society which is pretty careful as 52% say they leave their lights on when they go out and 29% make an extra effort to close their curtains so burglars can’t see in. A very thoughtful and careful 19% of us hide our presents rather than put them under the tree: sad that we even have to think about it, but prevention is better than cure.

At Westhill Insurance Services we want everyone to enjoy the winter months and to have a happy and safe time. Make sure your property and your belongings are properly insured – and don’t forget to add any large purchases (such as TVs or expensive gifts) to your contents policy. Tempting though it may be to save some money, never undervalue your possessions to reduce your premium as this could cost you dear in the long run should you need to make a claim. If you would like any advice at all about your insurance, just make one quick call to our professional and friendly team at Westhill. We can answer all your questions and will make sure that we find you the insurance you need at a price you will love.

No one wants to think about horrible things happening, but with the benefit of affordable insurance you can make sure you can replace your goods and repair any damage. Don’t let the burglars win, take a few common sense steps to protect your home and contents and let Westhill look after your insurance. Together we’ll make a great team!

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Posted By Ryan Jennings on 6th November, 2013