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Advice If You Have Suffered Storm Damage

Firstly, people must obey the instructions given and follow traffic advice and guidance as issued on local radio and other trusted information sites. Ensure you have your mobile to hand and fully charged so that if you do need to get help or advice, you can do so without being reliant on the land lines being in operation.

If you have suffered storm damage, you are advised to contact your insurers as soon as practical. If at all possible, ensure you have your insurance documents to hand when you phone, as this will help speed things up, but never enter a building which may be considered unsafe to rescue documents – or indeed any other possessions. Safety is the most important thing and insurance companies would prefer their clients to be safe and sound and not take risks.

This is especially true at Westhill Insurance Services. We take pride in taking care of our clients and we will do all in our power to make sure any problems related to the storm and your insurance are dealt with swiftly and with the minimum of upset to you. In severe cases of damage to property, we can help with the arrangement of alternative accommodation and also with the assessing of damage when safe to do so. Our clients' safety and wellbeing are our first priority and on this we have built our reputation for being professional and compassionate – sometimes you simply want someone to fight your corner for you.

The 1987 storm cost the equivalent of around £2 billion in today's money and the summer floods of 2007 cost in excess of £3 billion. Claims for weather are as unpredictable as the weather itself because they don't follow a set pattern – but this is exactly what insurance is there for. Insurers are used to dealing with these types of events and will be putting all their efforts into helping customers.

People will be concerned that their property insurance premiums may rise as a result of this storm: it is unlikely that there will be a rise as property insurance premiums are not usually affected by one single event, but rather by the cost of a whole range of many different factors. If you have to make a claim, you may lose your no-claims bonus, which may affect your next year's premiums – but at Westhill we will be able to advise you on this and help find you competitive insurance to suit your budget.

One of the big worries people have is that should a roof tile fly off their house and cause damage or injury, or an aerial comes adrift etc, that they may not be covered for liability. In most cases there is liability cover under your insurance policy for such an event, although there may be a limit to the amount depending on the policy. If you need help with this, contact your insurance company as soon as possible and seek advice.

If you have any questions at all relating to insurance of any type, just make one quick call to Westhill Insurance Services. We'll calm the stormy waters and help you through the difficult times because we understand that sometimes professional advice and sensible, practical help is the best way forward.

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Posted on 29th October, 2013