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The key to moving house is changing your locks!

Getting the keys to your new house is such a huge event, the culmination of a lot time, money – and often stress! It is therefore unlikely that top of your list of things to do from herein is actually...........change your locks! A new survey reveals that 74% of homeowners do not change their locks after taking possession of their new home, which of course leaves them vulnerable for break-ins by other key holders.

No one wants to contemplate the horror that someone you have dealt with may be so devious as to come back into your new home and steal from you, but people other than the owners may have had keys too – such as relatives or workmen etc. You could potentially be risking your family's life if a stranger can gain entry to your home and placing them in great danger.

Those in the south of England are the most savvy when it comes to changing their locks with around 35% saying they would arrange to do this in the first two weeks of residence, whilst in the north and Scotland, the number drops to 20%. The age group most likely to change their locks are those in the 35-54 bracket, whilst those over 55 were least likely.

Many home insurance policies will not pay out if an intruder lets himself into your home with a key because there must be clear evidence of breaking and entering in order for a claim to be valid. Therefore you need to take security seriously, making sure that your locks are good quality (if possible make sure they adhere to the security industry standards) and be careful who you give your keys to. Whilst burglaries continue to decline, thieves are opportunistic and will always be on the look-out for a way in to premises, so having a key is a real benefit for them!

Whilst moving home is exciting and exhilarating, it is also stressful and expensive. Make a list of all the jobs you need to do when you move in, and make sure that getting your locks changed is a priority both for your peace of mind as well as your security. You will need to make sure your home and contents insurance is in place too – so if you have any queries or would like advice, give one of our friendly and professional team a quick call. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent broker and we will shop around to make sure we find the best deal to suit your budget. Having the right insurance in place is a must, so pick up the phone and get everything sorted – and don't forget to tell your vehicle insurers (and the DVLA) that you have moved house too!

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Posted on 27th October, 2013