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Holiday travel insurance – it's all in the stars!

Horoscopes: some people won't make a move unless they have read their 'stars' in the paper each morning, and others just laugh it off as being rubbish. However, there has been a recent survey which links signs of the zodiac with travel insurance claims.

If you are born under the signs of Gemini, Cancer or Pisces, you are more likely to make a claim on your travel insurance as Gemini claims the highest amount of all signs for the loss of baggage and money. Could it be those twins arguing over who put what where?

In contrast, Sagittarians make the lower amount of claims of any of the zodiac signs, despite being known for being adventurous, so they must be travelling somewhere! Those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius make the most claims for travel delay – obviously not liking to be kept hanging around.

Cancerians make up the largest proportion of medical claims with almost 11% more claims than second placed water sign, Pisces. With these signs recognised as often suffering from stomach ailments, maybe they suffer also from tummy upsets when abroad?

Librans make the most claims for lost passports – by a long way, with up to two-thirds of the average – and they also made the most number of claims for missed departures (searching for their passports, one imagines!)

If you are born under Aries, you are the golden child of the insurance industry, making the fewest claims of all the 12 signs for cancellation of your holidays: however if you are a Scorpio you are most likely to cancel your holiday altogether, a sting in the tail indeed!

Whilst this is all a bit of fun, regardless of your star-sign you must take out adequate insurance cover whenever you travel, and just don't automatically buy the cheapest because it can let you down! If you believe in destiny that is all well and good, but even the most hardened believer will still make sure they have all the protection they need. Holiday insurance is very confusing, so get some professional advice: just one call to Westhill Insurance Services will make sure you have all the cover you need to make your holiday stress-free.

If everything is decreed in the stars, and your fortune is foretold in advance, why do we not know that our plane is delayed and we are about to trip over a kerb on our holiday in Turkey? The answer is because life is full of surprises! So don't be caught out – talk to the professional and friendly team at Westhill and take control of your own destiny!

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Posted on 18th October, 2013