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Passivhaus – the future of eco-friendly homes?

Energy bills continue to soar and people are becoming more and more aware of negative impacts on the environment so many are building their home as a "Passivhaus"

Those people who have a deep concern for the environment and looking to build their own homes might want to think about making it a "Passivhaus". Passivhaus is a German construction standard used to classify homes that are built to be extremely energy efficient, but maintain a particularly comfortable climate inside all year round without relying on traditional heating and cooling methods.

A Passivhaus might not confirm to the norm and may involve sourcing unusual house insurance once it is completed. The Passivhaus will allow you to make a huge step towards eradicating your carbon footprint. It uses the sun, household appliances, extracted air and even its inhabitants to supply all of the annual heat demands. At the construction stage it is designed to be extremely airtight and is built with high levels of insulation. Solar energy is collected and stored passively from windows, walls and floors to be distributed in winter and yet expelled in summer. It is estimated that to heat a Passivhaus will cost around 75% less per year to run.

The air filtration system is excellent at keeping out pollen and dust and so is fabulous for those with allergies and breathing difficulties. The climate is controlled all year round and though the windows in the Passivhaus may be opened, the idea is that you don't need to as the ventilation system provides all the air you need. You can find more information at www.passivhaustrust.org.uk

So if you decide that a Passivhaus build is for you, make sure you obtain professional insurance advice to ensure that once built, your property is fully insured (and if you are building yourself, make sure you are covered at the planning and construction stage too). At Westhill Insurance Services we have a long history of advising on all types of unusual builds and renovations and as an independent brokers we will shop around to find the right insurance at the right price. We understand that no two buildings are completely identical and we make sure we have our facts right before we look for a quote. So no matter how 'off the wall' your requirement may be, one quick call to Westhill Insurance Services and you will soon have a quote you can trust.

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Posted on 9th October, 2013