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Metropolitan's Safer Transport Police take possession of a £400,000 Lamborghini Aventador

A crackdown by the Metropolitan Police Service's Safer Transport Command (STC) saw over 180 vehicles seized on 1 October – with a very rare Lamborghini Aventador worth approximately £400,000 being the prize catch!

The operation saw officers crackdown on uninsured drivers and vehicles driven other than in accordance with a licence. In addition to the 180 vehicles being seized, 37 arrests were also made for vehicle related crime which included drink driving, no insurance and robbery –quite a collection of offences!

The unlucky driver of the Lamborghini Aventador was originally stopped because it had no front licence plate, but subsequent checks revealed the driver was not the registered owner and his insurance policy did not cover him to drive such a high value vehicle – which was subsequently seized for being on the road without insurance.

The STC is a division within the Metropolitan Police force and works to keep the travelling public safe. Operation Cubo was launched in October 2012 and helps keep uninsured and dangerous drivers off London's roads. Since its inception, the STC has achieved outstanding results including the seizure of around 11,576 vehicles, over 500 non-compliant vehicles removed from the streets of London each day and 2,300 suspects arrested!

The operation doesn't just punish those without valid insurance and tax but has also helped contribute to prosecuting individuals for offences such as money laundering and drug trafficking.

So whilst the Lamborghini Aventador did somewhat stand out from the crowd, it is all forms of law-breaking which the Metropolitan police is keen to quash. The Safer Transport Command works tirelessly to protect the streets of London and keep them safe for law abiding citizens to enjoy.

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Posted on 8th October, 2013