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Beauty and the Beast – insurance claims to make your hair curl!

A recent case in the USA highlighted (no pun intended!) the need for beauty salons to make sure their insurance policy is up to date and covers them for any possible claim. A nail salon in Louisiana was sued by a customer who stepped on a wet towel and slipped to the floor. The salon has been accused of creating dangerous conditions in the salon and failing to protect their customer adequately from possible hazards.

The customer, who was receiving a pedicure at the salon where the accident occurred, is claiming an unspecified amount of damages to cover medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, transportation expenses, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of earning capacity in the future. It must have been a severe tumble on a wet towel, which obviously did not cushion the blow.

Whilst it is true that thankfully, the UK is still less litigious than the USA, it is undeniable that the 'claims culture' is growing stronger here and is something which salon owners must be aware of and act accordingly.

Beauty salons present a host of opportunities for claims to be made – the above is a case in point. However, other examples could include adverse reactions to chemical treatments, injuries and burns caused by electrical equipment, tripping over the cables to these, as well as scalding by over-hot water, nips and cuts from scissors and razors – all making beauty salons sound quite hazardous emporiums as opposed to the oasis of tranquillity and calm we tend to think of them as being.

Whilst public liability insurance for every beauty salon is an essential safety net, you can help reduce the likelihood of a customer making a claim against you with by paying attention to the potential dangers around your premises and making sure all your staff are aware of the dangers of leaving items lying around. Good housekeeping is essential, removing wet towels and ensuring cables do not trail across the floor are good examples of hazards to look out for. Ensure too that everyone is appropriately trained in the use of equipment and chemicals. Carry out regular risk assessments in your salon and make sure that your premises are safe and well maintained, operated by sensible and professional staff.

Professional advice from an insurance company is equally important. At Westhill Insurance Services we have a friendly team who can advise you on the best possible insurance policy to suit your salon – and will find you a policy to suit your budget too. If a client was to sue, as this lady in the States did, you need to know that you are covered by insurance and won't have to throw in the towel. Make one quick call to get the very best in advice from Westhill Insurance Services and keep your salon, your staff and your clients safe and happy.

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Posted on 5th October, 2013