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Damien Hotson, Accounts Manager

As the Account Manager with Westhill my days are full of numbers and figures! When I left school I joined an insurance brokers – the industry had always appealed to me – and I worked my way up like most insurance professionals, through administration roles before moving into sales. This led to me wanting to pursue my career in insurance still further and I moved to Westhill Insurance Services, where I have been for the last 8 ½ years. To begin with I continued to sell insurance policies before becoming Night Assistant Manager (yes, insurance is a 24 hour job!) which I enjoyed before looking for the next challenge.

I moved to a role which is more of an account function and involved processing accounts and was soon promoted to Accounts Manager. This role involved ensuring the accounts run smoothly, so that all the bill paying, insurer accounts, reconciling, debtors and administration functions are up to date and working as they should, right through to the balance sheet production. There is a great deal of organisation involved in the Accounts Manager role and I enjoy liaising with clients and suppliers as well as the rest of the team at Westhill – at least no two days are ever the same! Accounts is the back-bone of any organisation, as without a clear indication of how the business is performing it is difficult to plan how to move the business to its next level. I enjoy the responsibility and the sense of achievement that comes from working in the insurance industry, and for Westhill Insurance Services: obviously not every day is a piece of cake, but the good days definitely out-weigh the other sort!

Like most people, work takes up a lot of my time, but I have one important date in my diary which I am looking forward to and that is my marriage to my fiancé Amanda which is happening this month. We have a gorgeous daughter Lily and are looking forward to a bright and happy future. I must admit I do like playing and watching football and so do make time for this, but then it is lovely to be able to watch a good movie or a well chosen box set of viewing for a more family orientated afternoon or evening!

I would say that Westhill Insurances Services provides me with a good career path and I am looking forward to the future, both professionally and as a newly married man!

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Posted on 20th September, 2013