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Summer sun and the convertibles hit the road but raising the roof can raise your insurance premiums too!

If you drive a powerful car that is considered to be a sports car, performance car or super car, then you will need to consider specialist sports car insurance. Many companies simply refuse to insure drivers of certain types of cars because of the perceived high risk factors involved – and if you can find insurance, then it will probably cost you and arm and a leg - that is unless you speak with Westhill Insurance Services! As an independent insurance broker with an excellent track record of finding the best insurance deals around for hard to insure items, we will make sure you enjoy life in the fast lane with all the insurance you need, and enough left over for a tank of petrol!

Specialist sports and performance car insurers will insure you and your beloved vehicle, but you need to shop around and be careful. For example, consider what you will be using the car for: basic day to day and social use, commuting, track days, rallies, competitions or events – you need to think carefully and then make sure you disclose all that you intend to use the car for when shopping for your policy as failure to do so could lead to the policy being null and void in the case of a claim.

Other cars which may fall into the category of being 'difficult' to insure are kit cars, imported vehicles, classic cars, prestige cars and modified cars. If you have an extremely unusual type of sports car you need to make sure you have the right cover, and even some not-so-unusual extras on vehicles can require you to think through your insurance. You should always check that everything is covered as these types of specialist insurer's exclusions abound and it is often difficult to know exactly where you stand: make just one quick call to our friendly team at Westhill Insurance Services and get the professional advice you need. We understand that you want sensible advice and an insurance policy which delivers what it says – at a sensible price!

Whether you have a high performance vehicle or a little daily run around, you shouldn't leave your motor insurance to chance – don't waste a second, get fast and professional advice that leaves the others standing!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 17th September, 2013