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Warm weather advice

As the mercury continues to rise and temperatures still soar, we would like to offer a few simple tips to ensure holidaymakers and motorists stay as cool as possible.

1. Motorists much check vehicle oil and coolant levels because low levels may cause the vehicle to overheat: this results in excessive engine wear and possible engine seizure

2. Never leave sunroofs, windows and doors open and unlocked, even if you are only away from your vehicle for a few moments. Thieves move fast and open vehicles are like a magnet for them!

3. Check tyre pressures and examine the tyres for any signs of wear and tear and make sure they are sufficiently inflated

4. Always, always carry a bottle of water on your journey

5. If driving abroad, carry out a pre-holiday health check at your local garage and make sure your insurance policy covers you for driving abroad. Take all your insurance documents, driving licence – and of course, your passport, with you

6. Make sure you follow the road laws of the country you are travelling to and obey them. For example it is illegal to run out of petrol on the motorways in Germany, and in Spain you must carry a spare headlight bulb. Driving anywhere in Europe without a GB sticker (or a European registration plate) is illegal

7.> Carry the 24 hours helpline number of your holiday insurer as well as your vehicle insurer with you at all times

For any information or advice regarding driving and travelling safely, call our professional team of advisors at Westhill Insurance Services, taking care of our clients in the rain and the shine!

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Posted on 6th August, 2013