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A Licence to Print Money – make sure it's not yours!

There is one simple little mistake that 2.6 millions drivers in the UK have fallen foul of, which could land them with a £1,000 fine. A high price for an oversight!

One of the leading insurance companies has found out that millions of drivers have out-of-date information on their driving licences. The most common out-of-date data is that of old addresses with some 75% (that is 2.6 million) motorists not informing the DVLA that they have moved house.

Not every bride remembers to tell the DVLA that they have married – and hence changed their surname and around 3% of married women still have their maiden name on their licence. A further 2% of motorists admit they should have informed the DVLA about a notifiable medical condition such as a physical disability or a visual impairment which has occurred since their licence was issued.

As motorists, we have a legal obligation to inform the DVLA of any changes to our name, address or medical status which could affect our ability to drive – but it would appear that many people just don't realise that this is in fact a legal requirement. Whilst having an incorrect name or address on your driving licence will not affect your car insurance, having incorrect information on your driving licence will put you at risk of a large fine should the police ever have reason to check your licence – so beware!

Just take a moment to check the details on your licence and make sure you stay within the law. Remember too, if you make any changes to the details on your licence, you should inform your insurers as well so that your records remain consistent at all times.

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Posted on 3rd August, 2013