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Watch out – there's a tree about!

A recent survey looked at 1.3 million insurance claims over the last 5 years to see if there was any correlation between motorists' postcodes and the type of accidents they have. The results were quite astonishing.

The study indicated that Scottish drivers are top of the list for accidents involving lamp posts – with the towns of Pailsey, Aberdeen, Motherwell and Glasgow taking the top four spots for this type of accident. The only non-Scottish city to make it into the top five was Chelmsford in Essex. Quite why the poor folk of Scotland have so many close encounters with lamp posts is anyone's guess, or perhaps the lamp posts are to blame, suddenly uprooting and wandering across the road?

People living in Liverpool and Manchester topped the list for collisions at traffic lights which may be understandable, as the traffic in large cities tends to stop-start and so could explain the number of rear-end bumps which can occur.

However, if you live in Tonbridge, Redhill, Guildford or Stevenage in the Home Counties, then you are more likely to have a collision involving a tree. All of these areas are very beautiful with well planted parks and gardens, but just how do all these trees become involved in traffic accidents, do they perhaps become bored and wander off?

Motorists in Romford, Ilford and Enfield were most likely to be hit in the rear, or to hit another car in the rear – so should you be driving in these areas, stay well back from the car in front and keep an eye on your rear view mirror!

Drivers in London were most likely to have their car hit while parked. With parking at a premium in London, this is perhaps not such a surprising finding.

Narrow lane collisions happen most in the West Country with Torquay, Exeter and Taunton being the most popular for this type of accident. Those who live in these areas, or visit for their holidays, will understand this as the very narrow, winding lanes can be difficult to negotiate at the best of times.

Roundabout collisions happen most frequently in the Chelmsford postcode area, following by Reading and Glasgow postcodes, so if you are feeling giddy – give these areas a miss!

Of all the surveys which appear, this is perhaps one of the most interesting as it shows just how inanimate objects can impact (literally!) on our everyday lives.

Vehicle insurance is something everyone has to have – and when you read the findings above, it is easy to understand why. Motor insurance can be a complicated purchase and getting professional advice will really help. Make just one quick call to Westhill Insurance Services and you will speak with a friendly and professional advisor who will make sure you get the insurance you need to match your pocket and your lifestyle. We can't foretell the future, or whether a tree is going to get in your path, but if you have the right insurance at least you won't have to wonder whether you will be able to afford the repairs. Tricky things, those trees!

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Posted on 30th July, 2013