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When one more whiplash claim is just one too many – National Express fights back

A man who made a total of 17 whiplash claims in only eight years has been found to be a fraudster after the bus company National Express challenged his claims. The motorist stated that a National Express coach had collided with his parked vehicle in March 2011.

However, subsequent investigations into the accident concluded that the damage to the car could not have been caused by the bus and the transport company then decided to challenge the man's claim for compensation in court. It was only then that this string of previous claims were brought to light and scrutinised by the presiding Judge in the case.

Birmingham County Court heard that the address of a supposed orthopaedic surgeon who had signed the medical report was in fact the premises of a taxi company! Finding the unemployed motorist to be lying, the Judge then said that he “disbelieved the claimant's evidence in its entirety” and ordered him to pay £15,700 towards the bus firm's legal costs after ruling the accident had never occurred.

The Judge also ordered that the transcript of the hearing be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if there were sufficient grounds to bring a prosecution for perjury in relation to the case and previous claims for whiplash.

As well as the motorist himself, the investigation will include witnesses, solicitors and medical experts as well as his girlfriend who has also filed three accident compensation claims in the last few years. Unbelievably, the claimant has filed yet another compensation claim since the bus case went to court – clearly he doesn't know when to stop!

Surely this will make anyone considering making a dishonest claim to think again. One of the reasons that insurance policy premiums have to rise is to pay for fraudulent claims made by unscrupulous people who often believe it is acceptable to defraud insurance companies. A spokesman for National Express said the firm was 'delighted' with the outcome of the case – a sentiment which the insurance industry and all honest and law abiding motorists no doubt agree!

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Posted on 26th July, 2013