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Drivers spend 14 weeks looking for a parking space!

We all know that dreaded feeling of driving around and around to find a parking space – and if you feel it takes longer than ever now, you are quite right! New research has found that British motorists spend on average a total of 2,500 hours of their lifetime just searching for a parking space!

The research showed that as a nation, we spend what amounts to14 weeks in our lifetime just looking for a parking space – with London, perhaps unsurprisingly, topping the hard-to-find-a-parking-space charts.

Drivers in the capital can spend up to 20 minutes and 30 seconds just searching for a parking bay, while a typical Manchester motorist spends 15 minutes and 45 seconds.

Hot on their heels is Bristol at 13 minutes 15 seconds, Southampton at 12 minutes 15 seconds, with Wolverhampton rounding off the top five worst cities for parking at 10 minutes and 35 seconds.

The survey also found that parking is top of the list of drivers' frustrations with more than 45% of respondents citing it as the main problem they face whilst on the road. Lack of manners came in at 22% - and of course, middle lane hoggers, obviously not to be missed out, at 17%

It is easy to see that large cities like London and Manchester will have congestion problems, but the amount of time it takes to find a parking space does seem to be rather over the top. Of course, all of this adds to stress, which can result in short tempers – giving rise to 'road rage' (or 'parking rage' in this instance), and then of course we have the 'parking in a temper rage' which results in the bangs, dents and scratches as people try to squeeze their cars into narrow spaces, often whilst not in the sunniest of moods and without exercising the care they should.

This is when it is so good to know you have insurance on your vehicle. How often have you come back from shopping to find your car scratched or dented? Some call it the revenge of the shopping trolley, but really one has to blame the 'driver' of the trolley – unless these things take on a life of their own! Seriously, often the damage is slight enough to be polished out, or dealt with by a mobile scratch /chip repair service. Sometimes though, we return to our vehicle to find things are much worse and we need to make an insurance claim. If this is the case, and the other driver has not done the honest thing and left their contact and vehicle details and no witness has been forthcoming, make sure you take plenty of photographs to show the position of your vehicle and the damage sustained. You can report the damage to the police also. However, it will depend on the level of insurance you hold as to whether it is worth you claiming for the repairs, and do remember your no claims bonus could be affected.

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Posted on 23rd July, 2013