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Tougher penalties on the way for uninsured drivers

New plans to enforce tougher penalties for motorists caught driving without insurance have been welcomed by The British Insurance Broker's Association (BIBA). The current fixed penalty is £200, which many considered to be extremely low considering what horrors not having any insurance can cause. Transport Minister Stephen Hammond MP is now set to raise this to £300.

BIBA has been calling for tougher penalties for uninsured drivers for a very long time and, following discussions with Stephen Hammond MP, is pleased that this tougher stance has been announced which it hopes will act as a stronger deterrent.

It is estimated that for every uninsured driver in the UK, honest motorists pay around £30 per policy. Uninsured drivers are also statistically five times more likely to be involved in road accidents, fail to comply with traffic laws or to be engaged in other criminal activity. It does not paint a pretty picture and the sooner people can be brought to book, the sooner our roads will be clear of these selfish and illegal motorists.

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Posted on 15th July, 2013