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It's a monster problem – Nessie could cause an accident!

The debate as to whether the Loch Ness Monster actually exists has raged for a long time. Some people firmly believe that something lurks in the depths of the loch, whilst other take a more pragmatic view and without firm evidence, banish the tales of sightings to the realms of fantasy. There is no doubt though that Nessie (as the monster is named) is a very useful tourist attraction!

Now however, Jacobite Cruises, a Scottish cruise company operating three luxury vessels on Loch Ness has insured their fleet of vessels against possible collision with Nessie! The three vessels carry around 10,000 tourists a year on day trips around the loch. Should any of the vessels – The Jacobite Queen, The Jacobite Legend or the Jacobite Warrior collide with Nessie, a six figure insurance pay -out is possible. The collision insurance is part of a one million pound package of insurance which Jacobite Cruises has in place.

Measuring around 22.5 miles long and around1.5 miles wide, the loch is deep at 754 feet. It is fed by seven major rivers, although it has only one main outlet. There is more water in Loch Ness than in all the other lakes in England, Scotland and Wales put together – and Loch Ness never freezes over. So therefore it could have hidden secrets in its hidden depths, and whether you believe it or not, perhaps insuring against damage from a large and scary beast is not such a bad idea.

The first mention of a creature in the loch goes back as far as 565 by Saint Columba, but the most recent recorded sighting was in June 2011, when Nessie was said to be seen by a local couple who live on the shores of the loch. Since then, Nessie seems to have become shy and there has been no more reported activity. Some say that tales of her possible existence have been kept alive by the tourist industry, keen to bring money into the area.

No matter what you wish to insure, you do need professional advice. At Westhill Insurance Services we do not get many requests to insure against possible collision with mythical beasts (well, to be honest, we haven't had one....... yet!), but we do receive calls from people who believe they have insurmountable problems with regard to their insurance. It could be properties which are difficult to insure (perhaps timber framed, or on a flood plain), or have a poor track record on their driving licence. We pride ourselves on finding solutions for our clients – and as independent insurance brokers we will shop around to find the best policy at the best price.

So if you have a monster problem, just give us a quick call. Our advice and guidance are free and we don't take fright easily!

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Posted on 15th June, 2013