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How to own 5 vehicles (on benefits) and still be banned from driving them!

A benefit claimant who owned a fleet of large, juicy 4x4s has been banned from driving after being caught for a string of motoring offences. Police stopped Peter Owens from Hartlepool a total of five times in seven months last year, and each time he was driving a different off-road vehicle!

The run of motoring offences started on 31 May 2012 when Owens was stopped and found to be driving an uninsured Jeep Cherokee in County Durham. Then in July of the same year, he was caught in a Mitsubishi Shogun in Kilburn in North Yorkshire –and this time he sped away from police. The vehicle was later found to have no insurance.

Then in August, Owens was caught driving a Land Rover Discovery at Hartlepool Marina – again, there was no vehicle insurance in place! Owens was next caught poaching with friends in yet another uninsured 4x4 vehicle, this time a Suzuki Vitara.

Finally, Owens was stopped again in Hartlepool, this time in an uninsured Ford Maverick and this proved to be the end of the road. Owens pleaded guilty to five counts of having no insurance, one of failing to produce a license, one of having no license and failing to produce insurance documents – and also to poaching! He was disqualified from driving for three years and fined £550.

However, it seems this chap is something of a maverick – in September 2012 he brought the whole of Seaton Carew to a standstill for nine hours when he drove up and down the beach in another of his 4x4s. He later apologised for the disruption, blaming the event on mental and physical health problems.

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Posted on 5th June, 2013