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Always read the small print!

More than half of Britons fail to read the terms and conditions on their home insurance policy and almost half have had a claim rejected, recent research indicates. Should this be telling us something?

Research by a leading holiday home insurance company found that policyholders were ignoring or failing to understand their policies – and were then having claims rejected for not meeting the requirements of the insurer. This goes to prove how important it is to read the small print and to never be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

Only 43% of those who took part in the survey had read the terms and conditions on their policy, and out of these, only 26% said they were confident about how they were covered. Of the 47% who had had a claim rejected or had entered into a dispute with their insurer, the reasons behind their insurance troubles included a lack of receipts for lost items, a failure to describe the locks accurately and a failure to inform the insurer of items worth more than the single claim item limit.

There has been an increase in recent months where insurers have failed to pay claims on the basis of alleged non-disclosure, arguing that the consumer had not declared all the relevant facts. This is when using the services of an insurance broker can really help. As an independent insurance broker, Westhill Insurance Services has a professional and friendly team of advisors who will ask the all important questions required to obtain the adequate and correct cover required. Unfortunately, consumers buying on line from comparison sites are often not asked the right questions, so therefore are not disclosing the right information, or they do not understand the criteria laid down by the insurers - and there is no one to ask, so mistakes can easily be made paving the way for problems to arise later.

Make one call to Westhill Insurance Services and you will be speaking to a 'real' person, someone who can guide you through the insurance maze and make sure your policy ticks all the boxes and provides you with the cover you need (and none that you don't!). You will still need to check that the terms and conditions are right for you, but you will have a professional working with you to achieve the level of insurance you need, and at the best possible premium.

It may be tedious, but the terms and conditions are there to protect both parties, so take a few moments to check them out and then ask if you have any queries – a few moments at the outset could save a lot of heartache in the future.

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 30th May, 2013