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Camping and Glamping Staycations see a rise in popularity

Despite the dreadful weather we have been experiencing this Spring, the number of people booking caravan and camping holidays has risen by almost 15% in the last year, as holiday makers are favouring 'staycation' breaks over travelling abroad. The growth in holidaying at home has partly been attributed to the rise in popularity of 'posh' or luxury camping, nicknamed 'glamping' and is, according to the National Caravan Council, a new trend.

This trend could easily have been reversed, as last year the industry narrowly escaped government plans to introduce a levy on VAT on the sale of caravan holiday homes, which would have depressed the market by causing a rise in prices.

Instead of a tax hike of 20% - which would have added nearly £6,000 on to the sale of the average caravan holiday home, the government backtracked on its plans and imposed only a 5% VAT rate. This was a boost the industry really needed. Since then, the industry has started to grow, with a 14% increase in advanced bookings, compared to the same time last year, adding an estimated £6 billion to the UK economy.

Caravanning and camping holidays are now much more fashionable than they once were, as people now find flying to be an often stressful and uncomfortable experience with the various security and check-in rules and regulations. This has resulted in an investment in the luxury options such as 'glamping' which adds another dimension to the more run of the mill camping experiences.

Budget hotels have also seen an increase in their bookings, and research by Travelodge indicated that parents are to spend an average of £400 on short breaks and day trips instead of foreign holidays. The budget hotel chain said that 34% of families are planning to escape to beachside resorts such as Blackpool, Brighton and the counties of Cornwall and Devon in favour of going abroad and in an attempt to keep down costs.

Research undertaken by a leading travel insurance company revealed that 55% of families are happy to take children out of school during term time to save money, as the cost of going abroad is often considerably higher during school breaks. Of those parents willing to take their children out of school, two-thirds said they would do so to save £500 or less – one in six said they would do it to save just £50. However, parents are often unaware that they could face fines for taking children out of school outside of holiday time and 44% of parents have no idea exactly what their children's school policy was on this.

Whether you are going abroad or staying at home, make sure you have proper holiday insurance in place. If you are going camping, you will need to make sure you are adequately covered – don't leave it to chance and assume that the campsite will have all the insurance you need. Check with your insurance company or give Westhill Insurance Services a quick call. Our friendly and professional team can advise if you need to take additional insurance and if you do, we will shop around to make sure you have the best deal to suit your pocket. Everyone needs a chance to re-charge their batteries and camping, 'glamping' and staying in one of the budget hotel chains is a good way to watch the pennies whilst having a change of scene. Make sure your insurance covers your break and then relax, keeping your fingers crossed that the sun shines and the temperatures rise!

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Posted on 5th May, 2013