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Mr Bean pays the price!

We are used to Mr Bean getting in some scrapes, but when Rowan Atkinson suffered an accident in his McLaren supercar in 2011, even Mr Bean could not surpass the insurance claim which followed. Indeed, Blackadder would have struggled to top the star's insurance claim.

Insurers have paid out the largest ever sum for a car crash repair to fix Mr Atkinson's £3million McLaren F1 car. The star escaped with an injured shoulder after losing control of the 240mph car on a slippery section of the A605 near Peterborough in August 2011. Most of the back of the car was destroyed and the 6.1 litre engine landed a staggering 20 yards away.

Perhaps it is no surprise that mechanics at the McLaren base in Woking took a year to repair the supercar and restore it to its former glory. The cost of the repair is an amazing £900,000 – and this is three times higher than the previous record which was paid out in 2010. Mr Atkinson likened getting back behind the wheel to being like “putting a familiar sweater on”. One can only assume he refers to a designer sweater!

Mr Atkinson's bought the car in 1997, paying £647,000, and managed to damage the vehicle just two years later in a low-speed collision with a Rover Metro.

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Perhaps leaving the driving of Supercars to Super stars is a good idea, especially when you consider the premiums – and you can't imagine Baldrick shelling out for such a vehicle either!

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Posted on 13th March, 2013