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From Boot Camp to luxury gym - you need insurance if you are training or coaching sport

Sports coaching or training has become much more popular during recent years as people work harder to take care of themselves. It is an extremely gratifying industry in which to work – whether you are employed in a gym, a university, self-employed or even work on a voluntary basis. Teaching something which you enjoy and passing this advice and knowledge on to others provides great satisfaction and benefits all.

If you are studying to become a personal trainer or if you are already working in the industry, then it will be clear that you have an important responsibility to the individual or group of people whom you are coaching. In any sport there is always an element of risk of injury: Obviously you will use your best endeavours to fulfil your role responsibly but it is important that you have good levels of protection if someone suffers injury or loss and makes a claim against you.

Coaches, officials and referees are under a duty of care to take reasonable care of the people under their supervision. Part of this duty of care is to do all that is reasonable to avoid the participants being injured, including giving appropriate advice and guidance and ensuring that competitions are conducted in accordance with the rules of the sport.

The core level of insurance you need as a sports trainer is public liability insurance. This is designed to compensate the insured party if they are sued by a member of the public, a company or client because they have suffered a loss as a result of either your actions or those of your employees. Public liability cover is required by professional associations in order to practice as a professional personal trainer or coach. Also you will probably require professional indemnity insurance which will give you cover for breaches or professional duty arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions. This is essential insurance cover needed for the fitness professional.

Sports coaching or personal training insurance offers you and your customer's peace of mind should an accident happen. Depending on your situation, different levels of cover would be required and a tailored personal training insurance policy will not only give you the specific protection you need, but also save you money. Always go for the best cover you can afford – and remember that public liability is a legal requirement!

Professional insurance advice is vital. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent insurance company who have many years experience and will find the perfect insurance policy to suit your needs – as well as your pocket! When it comes to protecting your business, you cannot take chances or play games. Expert advice will mean that you are fully covered, whether you work on a one-to-one basis with your clients, or run larger classes. Make one call to Westhill Insurance Services, we are in a league of our own and will give you professional and sensible advice as to what you need to do to protect yourself because accidents do happen.

Don't be a spoil sport – get your insurance in place and you can share your knowledge and expertise without any worries.

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Posted on 2nd March, 2013