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There's a ghost of a chance you may need to review your insurance

Portsmouth City Council has been forced to give away a £375,000 manor house after they failed to find a buyer for the property which has a reputation for being haunted! The Grade II listed manor (which is believed to be the oldest property in Portsmouth and was mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086) is said to house a choir of nuns. Additionally, other spectres include the spirits of whispering children and the ghost of Sir Roderick of Porchester who was murdered outside the manor in the Middle Ages and now spends his time haunting the property.

After it failed to sell at auction at its reserve price of £375,000, Wymering Manor has been donated to the Wymering Manor Trust along with a grant of £30,000 to go towards vital repairs. The group will attempt to restore the Manor to its former glory before opening it as a tourist attraction – and this project is expected to cost in excess of £500,000.

Portsmouth City Council first bought the property in the 1960's and leased it to the Youth Hostel Association until 2006. It was then sold to a private organisation as the cost of maintaining the property became too much for the Council. These purchasers intended to restore the Manor and convert it into a hotel and conference centre trading on its paranormal reputation. However, this development never took place and the building was returned to the Council who were unable to find any serious buyers.

This building would have provided challenges to the insurance sector too. Firstly because it is a Grade II listed building which required specialist insurance and it was also empty (other than for its supernatural inhabitants in the form of singing nuns and other assorted ghosts). Empty properties must be covered by insurance as they are at risk of damage caused by neglect, the elements, theft, arson and all malicious destruction.

Whether you own a property which is haunted or not – if it is empty, you need to have specialist insurance – and if it is a Grade II listed building, you will need professional advice with regard to the insurance. If there's a ghost of a chance you may not have the correct insurance in place, one call to Westhill Insurance Services and you will get fast, professional and sensible advice for all your property needs. We always enter into the spirit of the enquiry and we won't spook you with expensive premiums. As an independent insurance broker we are able to shop around to find the best possible insurance to suit your budget, so there's no reason to be scared to call us.

If you were offered a haunted property for free, would you accept it? We'd love to hear your views on this and so please email us at admin@westhillgroup.co.uk. We would also like to add that we also ensure 'ordinary' properties too – so whatever your needs, just call our friendly advisors and you can sleep sound in your bed knowing that your home and contents are safe and sound.

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Posted on 27th February, 2013