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Toys and games: don't play around, make some money!

Classic toys and games are all the rage now, and you could be sitting on a goldmine! If you have your children's abandoned old toys stowed in your loft, you could make a lot of money by recycling them.

Recent research shows that nearly three quarters of parents end up looking after their children's possessions after they move out. These items could add up to an average of £735 and can often sit untouched and unloved for up to 20 years. The real question is whether you are aware of the value of this clutter? Last Christmas saw a resurgence of several retro classic toys including the Furby and Twister games – and many old versions of these were sold on eBay.

Items which have been gifts in the past can often now hold more value than they did when they were first given so it is worth checking if those unwanted or little played with toys are now worth more than when they were first opened as they may have become collectors' items. January clear outs provide the perfect times to take a walk down memory lane whilst you are tidying out the loft and cupboards. Remember though that if you do find any valuable items you must tell your insurance company.

People keep hold of objects which give them a sense of safety and well-being. Taking steps to clear out old objects can give the New Year a sense of purpose and produce positive feelings associated with finding old belongings a better home and making a new start.

With money being so tight, getting rid of clutter and so raising funds is not only sensible, it can be fun. Cashing in on the retro craze at the moment is a great opportunity to do just that. Here are some recent prices paid for old toys:

Original Furby from 1998 - £49
Barbie Camper Van - £68.99
Tracy Island - £30
Original Twister game from 1966 - £21
Beatrix Potter set of books, World of Peter Rabbit Collection - £40
Sega Master System II console with 14 Games Bundle - £39.99

When you are unearthing items you haven't seem for years and perhaps have even forgotten about, make sure that you think about their value. Remember that toys in their original packaging and un-played with, or in excellent condition, may have a very high price in today's market – don't think about the original purchase price, think collector's price!

Make sure that the value of your house contents covers any treasures which you find. Check that the value of your contents doesn't exceed the individual item limit on your home insurance or collectively that your contents don't exceed the value of cover you have. If you are in any doubt, take advice. One quick call to Westhill Insurance Services will put your mind at rest. Our friendly and professional advisors will be able to talk you through your home contents policy and make sure all your belonging are covered. We won't play games with you, and we will offer the very best possible insurance to suit your budget. So when it's time to come out and play you won't have the worry of wondering if you are properly insured. Our expertise will allow us to advise on all your insurances – whether for buildings or vehicles, business or any non-standard needs Westhill Insurance Services will make you a winner.

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Posted on 15th February, 2013