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When is a car not a mobile igloo?

Latest statistics from the AA indicate that over 7,000 cars have been damaged by last month's snow and ice – and this cold snap may have caused up to £3.5 million damage to vehicles as snow fell across the country. This has of course resulted in an increase in insurance claims.

Common claims are for collisions with kerbs, walls, fences and parked cars. One poor driver found himself in his vehicle sliding down an icy street and bouncing off parked cars as it went, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage – and some very unimpressed car owners. Another poor driver came to grief when he mistook a snow-covered surface for the road, only to find out it was the village pond!

Unfortunately many people do not bother to prepare themselves or their vehicles for the snow and ice – some view their vehicle as a mobile igloo and drive around peering out of a small cleared port-hole shaped area of the windscreen with snow and chunky ice flying off their vehicles, causing havoc for other road users – and pedestrians too. This thoughtless driving is totally unacceptable and very dangerous – always make sure your vehicle is as free from snow and ice as you can before you take to the road.

A few tips to remember in this cold snap are:

> Gentle manoeuvres are the key to driving safely
> Wear comfortable and dry shoes for driving, even if this means changing, as cumbersome footwear (such as wellington boots) mean you cannot feel the pedals properly and snow-covered, sodden soles will slip on the pedals
> Pull away in second gear, easing your foot off the clutch very gently to avoid wheel-spin
> Drive to a constant speed, make sure you use the most suitable gear well in advance so you don't have to change down on a hill
> Leave as much room as possible between you and the vehicle in front. Should you have to brake, use your breaks carefully and gently. Release the brakes and de-clutch if the car skids and gently re-apply the brakes. Slowly, slowly in all things to do with brakes!

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Posted on 11th February, 2013