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Snow driving advice

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The national breakdown emergency services are reporting that the main vehicle problems caused by the heavy snow fall in parts of the country so far is flat or failed batteries. This is because the car's electrical system has to work much harder in the cold. <br/><br/>

One useful tip to remember is, when you get in your car, switch off all the electrics before starting it - for example, the heater, lights and heated windscreen - and dip the clutch while starting to take some of the load off the starter motor: this will take some of the burden off the battery and may just give you the boost you need to start the engine. <br/><br/>

Make sure you have sufficient warm clothing with you – a blanket is useful too. Keep some water and a high energy snack in the car also. Carrying a shovel in the car is helpful, as is something to put under the tyres to give traction, such as old sacks. <br/><br/>

Having insurance is an absolute necessity for all road users, and breakdown cover can prove especially invaluable in poor weather conditions. One quick call to our friendly and professional team at Westhill Insurance Services will make sure you have the correct level of insurance cover for your car – and we can organise your breakdown cover for you too! <br/><br/>

Westhill – keeping you safe on the roads and providing peace of mind in breakdown situations<br/><br/>

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Posted on 30th January, 2013