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Farmers and Estate Owners, beware the damage that severe weather can cause

Farming is not an easy way of life, and when the weather is biting cold and there are animals to be cared for, life is extremely hard. The weather forecast is indicating that we are in for a freezing winter and farmers need to think about how to protect their property. During the last really heavy snow falls there was a large increase in the number of farmers claiming for snow-damaged buildings.

The effects of snow falling in large quantities can have a devastating effect on even the largest of farm buildings, modern or traditional. In previous years there have been claims for livestock within some buildings being killed: in one incident an estimated 50 tons of snow caused a catastrophic failure of the roof which resulted in the loss of farming stock and machinery.

As times are hard, many farms and estates have decided not to take out cover for storm or flood damage, or have significantly reduced their cover. With our strange weather patterns, this is not a sensible move and has resulted in farmers and estate owners finding that when their property is storm damaged, or flooded, they have no insurance cover to pay for this.

Check your policy – now! Don't delay and, if you are in any doubt about the cover you have you must speak with an expert. At Westhill Insurance Services our professional team can offer pragmatic advice as to what is sensible to have in the way of insurance. As an independent company, we will shop around to find the best deal to suit your needs – and your budget. We know that you need to protect your land, stock and property and that you need to make every penny work for you: just one call to Westhill Insurance Services will ensure you are in safe hands.

Consider too your farm vehicles – agricultural, personal, ATV's and specialist equipment: we can provide you with first class cover for all of these, possibly reducing your outlay on premiums. Business insurance as well as home and contents are other services we can offer, so don't worry – we can take care of everything.

Don't let the bitter winter catch you out, get professional advice and think about how you can protect your income from loss caused through severe weather. We may not be able to protect you from the elements, but we can protect you from serious financial loss. It's time now to ensure you have all your options covered – one call to us at Westhill will make sure that you have winter all wrapped up!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 26th January, 2013