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Speeding surgeons and hasty hospital consultants clock up the points

Speeding is against the law, so it seems quite strange that those who most frequently flout this law are actually those from some of the most respected professions. Forget 'the boy racer' image – those who regularly break the law and treat speed restrictions as some sort of rough guide as to how fast they should be going are those who we might actually consider to be the most law abiding.

These speed-fiends are well-paid, drive fast cars and are clearly in a rush to get from one place to another. However, they are also paying a heavy price for their lawlessness and poor driving decisions because they are clocking up penalty points from speeding convictions – which means they are also pushing their insurance sky high.

Recent research has indicated the top ten of professionals most likely to have speeding convictions comprise:

1. Operations Director
2. Surgeon
3. Sales Director
4. Managing Director
5. Chartered Surveyor
6. Chief Executive
7. Commissioned Officer
8. Financial Adviser
9. Hospital Consultant
10. Barrister

However, at the other end of the spectrum, café workers, building society clerks, students and driving instructors are least likely to be caught speeding. Perhaps these folk have more respect for the highway regulations – or they can't afford such high performance vehicles! Unsurprisingly, it was found that Porsche drivers top the list, closely followed by those who drive Aston Martins, Jaguars and Bentleys. Drivers of Daewoos, Fiats and Suzukis are the least likely to speed whilst behind the wheel, but then they are not perhaps enjoying the same degree of engine power!

Quite why the table is made up of these professions is not clear. One argument is that many of these professions require long-distance driving, often to tight diary commitments and people may be tempted to push their luck – but this doesn't explain the inclusion of managing directors or surgeons in this theory. The overall opinion seems to be that these are wealthy, confident people who are driving powerful expensive cars and the temptation to go too fast may prove too much.

Perhaps it is just as well that these professional people are well paid as those caught exceeding the speed limit are likely to pay a hefty price for their mistakes. It is calculated that a motorist's first speeding offence can cost four times the typical £60 fine because his or her car insurance premium will rise over three years. Historically, many insurance companies ignored a first offence, but this is not the case now: insurance companies are smarter at identifying risks now and apply premiums accordingly. They found that after three points the average premium rose almost 10%, and for 6 points it rose almost 25%.

Therefore, it pays to keep within the law and its speed restrictions. There is one good piece of advice though; if you should incur three points on your licence it is well worth considering paying £90 and taking a speed awareness course in return for a clean licence (if you are offered this option) because this will save you money in the long run. Of course, if you are a Chief Executive or some such and rolling in cash, you may not be bothered – but eventually, you will run out of points, so keeping your licence clean for as long as possible makes good sense.

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Posted on 25th January, 2013