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The Long and Winding Road

With weather predictions becoming even more bizarre and we suffer heavy rain - and no doubt snow is to come, many will be tempted to purchase a 4x4 to help with poor driving conditions. Whilst 4x4's are great at coping with most road conditions and perhaps give you a degree of confidence that a saloon may not offer, you may wish also to see how your vehicle will fare on rugged terrain. If this is the case, you will need to make sure you have the appropriate insurance in place.

If you own a 4x4, part of the fun may be off-roading, but does your current car insurance cover you for everything you want to do? It is worth checking to see if your policy covers you for the following:

Windscreen cover: with trees and branches likely to hit and scratch your windscreen, you could make significant savings if you look for insurance with which doesn't charge for scratches and chips to be fixed

Off-road cover: standard car insurance policies do not usually include off-road use, so check with your insurer

Green laning cover – this is slightly different to off-road, this covers you for damage when you drive on un-surfaced roads or tracks – perhaps you are renting a cottage at the end of a long and winding road which is not 'adopted' and therefore not in good condition

Legal expense cover: this can come in handy if you accidentally damage someone else's car, but it also applies to damaging their land or property – which could be useful when you are driving over rough terrain. People often forget that off-roading requires different driving skills from normal road driving and that the vehicle is harder to control.

Always remember that for your car insurance to be valid you need to be driving legally. You need permission from the landowner to drive your 4x4 on non-public land, and even public land needs to be 'road legal' to drive your 4x4 on – you can check this with the local police.

There are some ways to make your 4x4 insurance a little cheaper: 4x4 vehicle insurance can be a little dearer than standard insurance, but you can bring down the premium by following these tips:

Store your car in a garage

Join a 4x4 club – you can often get a better deal with you can demonstrate that you are serious about taking care of your 4x4

Increase you excess – this is the amount you are willing to pay towards any claim, and your care insurance premium may come down in you agree to a higher excess

Get covered: if you are planning to drive off-road, check your car insurance covers you

Drive within the law: 4x4 car insurance will only cover you if you are driving legally, so if you do go off-road, make sure you have permission

If you have any questions at all regarding your 4x4 insurance – or indeed any vehicle at all, then just give a call at Westhill Insurance Services. Our friendly and professional team can advise you on all aspects of vehicle insurance (including commercial and fleet too!) As an independent insurance company we will shop around to find you the best possible deal to suit your budget – and we won't sell you insurance you really don't need. So just make one quick call today and make sure your 4x4 is on the Highway to Heaven and not the Road to Hell!

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Posted on 11th January, 2013