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Beware leaving presents in your car - they may disappear

Christmas shopping, like it or hate it – we all have to do it! Store shopping will be a huge activity in the next few weeks and leaving gifts in your car while hitting the next store could leave you the victim of theft. Have you stopped to consider whether you are covered by insurance for your stolen Christmas presents if they are in your car?

Well, items in your vehicle are probably not covered on your car insurance policy – and even if they are, there will be a nominal £200 total value limit. Car insurance would cover any damage to your vehicle - but only as long as you purchased comprehensive cover: this would include a shattered window or a car door being pried open (the Christmas presents stolen from your car could be covered under your homeowner's insurance). This is the biggest downfall of having personal items stolen from your vehicle, because often the excess can be quite high. Damage to your car plus the stolen items can result in you having to make two claims and therefore perhaps pay out for two lots of excess – or foot the total replacement cost of the items yourself.

Therefore, you should make sure that you keep all gifts out of sight and preferably in the boot. Think again if you are using your car as some sort of Santa storage rather than putting them in the house where little eyes may spy them! Much better to hide presents with a neighbour or friend until they are required rather than risk them being stolen and all the heartbreak this will inevitably cause.

It's sad that we even have to think about such things, but with the recession, the Police are worried that this may be a bumper year for thieves with them even stealing to order. So beware, keep alert of people around you in busy shopping centres and never leave anything in the car for longer than you have to.

It's just as well Santa doesn't have this problem with his sleigh!

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Posted on 17th December, 2012