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£50 million of fuel is wasted while we leave cars to idle whilst defrosting them!

Can you believe that in winter alone, UK motorists will waste nearly £50 million of fuel leaving their cars to idle with the engine running in order to defrost them?

This equates to over 300 million road miles and would enable someone to drive an average size car more than 13,000 times around the world!

Even worse than this is that on average it takes three minutes to defrost their car and yet some 5% of motorists actually admit to letting their engines run for ten or more minutes before setting off – making them responsible for £2.45 million of the total wasted on fuel!

To add insult to injury – a whopping 40% of motorists admitted to leaving their cars unattended with the keys in the ignition, issuing an open invitation to thieves. Clearly they do not realise that by leaving the keys in the ignition and the car unattended they are invalidating their insurance should the car be stolen. You can probably bet too that these people will be amazed at the audacity of the thief without bothering to consider their own stupidity!

Many of us are pressed for time in the morning and so leaving the car to warm up whilst you run back indoors to finish your toast and coffee may be convenient, but you are both wasting valuable and expensive fuel as well as risking the loss of your vehicle. However, it pays to remember that should you drive off without having fully de-iced your windscreen, you can be liable to a fine and even points on your licence. Less haste, more speed perhaps!

Here are some simple and quick tips to help you de-ice your car quickly so you can save on time, fuel and also not provide easy pickings for lurking thieves:

> Park your car in a garage if possible so that you have a frost free get away in the mornings. This will also help lower your insurance premiums too
> Purchase a windscreen frost guard which cost around £7 – or an entire car cover for approximately £30. Even an old blanket will help protect your windscreen and you can use your windscreen wipers to hold it in place
> Night before aerosol sprays are available and they stop the ice from building up on the windscreen
> For quick ice removal, use a de-icer spray coupled with a scraper for a fast get-away
> Allow an extra ten minutes in the morning for de-icing the car and make sure you have excellent all round visibility before you set off

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Posted on 5th December, 2012