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Motoring in flood conditions – you need to be prepared

Water is a potential danger to us all. If you are venturing out on to the roads in severe weather, then you need to ensure you are fully prepared.

With warnings of flooding due to be issued soon, motorists must be aware of what they need to do when taking to the roads. Here are a few vital points to remember:

> If the flood water is above the bottom seal on the car door, do NOT open the doors as the water may well have not seeped fully into the car and the damage may be limited. Wait until he water has subsided before you attempt to open any of the car doors
> If the flood water has got into the car, or even reached the underside of the car, do NOT start the vehicle as water in the engine would cause further serious damage
> If the car wheels have been in water, but the water level did not reach the underside of the car, it should be safe to drive once the worst of the water has abated
> If water has seeped into your car, call your insurer. They will inspect the vehicle as soon as they can and decide on the most appropriate course of action
> Drivers in the area whose cars have not been affected by floods must still take care when driving in flooded areas. Debris and deep flood water can seriously damage vehicles

Always follow the advice of the emergency services and the AA. Ensure that you do not put life at risk and never under estimate the power that water has. Remember that if you cannot see below the water, you cannot judge what dangers lurk beneath – road works, kerbs and other hidden obstacles can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If you are in any doubt – do NOT drive.

Check your insurance policy to see exactly what it is you are covered for. If you attempt to drive recklessly, you will not be insured. That is why you need to listen to current status reports of roads in your area. If you are in any doubt about either existing insurance cover on your vehicle or you wish to discuss changing, then make one call to Westhill Insurance Services. Our friendly and professional team can advise you on forms of insurance (and we offer specialist insurance for properties on flood plains and those which have subsidence or underpinning too), and we will be pleased to offer you the best advice possible. As an independent insurance company we will shop around to find the best deal to suit your budget.

Don't be caught out, call us at Westhill and make sure your home and your vehicle are covered for a rainy day.

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Posted on 25th November, 2012