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Sharing a property, make sure you don't end up sharing breakages too!

Sharing your home with someone other than your immediate family can prove to be difficult and initially stressful as you adapt. It can also be difficult to get insurance for your new, shared accommodation. Whether you share a home with friends or strangers, have a lodger living in your home or are living in student accommodation, you need to be exactly clear on what your insurance covers and make sure that you have all you need in place.

As money is tight all round, letting out space in your house is a good way to earn extra cash. This may have implications on your mortgage, so make sure you check this out. If you are sharing a house or flat (maybe whilst studying) you must consider the insurance perspective too.

Professional advice is important as some insurers just don't like sharing! Some providers are wary of providing insurance when you are sharing your home with strangers: this isn't prejudice but borne of years of negative experience for insurers. No one wants to think the worst of anyone, but insurance companies will always err on the side of caution – and that is why in reality you should have shared occupancy insurance if you are about to let someone move into your property.

Shared house contents insurance will ensure that you are covered for damage and loss. Who is to say that the lovely person you are letting out your spare room to is not hugely accident prone and breaks everything they touch? Until you live with someone, you don't know what you are letting yourself in for. Do not take any chances, talk to your insurer and make sure you are fully covered for all eventualities, because sadly accidents do happen and people are not always as they appear.

Professional advice is easy to gain when you talk to Westhill Insurance Services. Our friendly team will listen to your plans and then advise you the best way to protect your property and contents. Whether you are living in any form of shared accommodation, make sure that you are in safe hands and just make one all to Westhill Insurance, then at least you will have one thing less to worry about as you settle down to finding a way to live in perfect harmony with your new housemates.

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Posted on 21st November, 2012