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Britain faces months of flooding

Britain is at a high risk of flooding this autumn and winter after a washout summer – and this warning comes from both the Environment Agency and the Met Office.

The record breaking rainfall from April to June, which was followed by even more wet weather, has left river levels full to the brim, the ground saturated and groundwater exceptionally high.

Householders and emergency services are being advised to prepare for flooding which, with saturated conditions, could occur with even relatively small amounts of rain. The Environment Agency has already protected over 119,000 properties from flood this year, but they cannot totally prevent flooding.

The Environment Agency and good insurance are vital

A staggering one in six homes is at risk of flooding. The most important step that people can take to protect themselves from the worst impact is to find out if they are at risk – and to sign up to the Environment Agency's free flood warning service. More than 1.1 million people are already signed up to receive the Agency's flood warnings which can be sent by email, text or a message to a landline or mobile. Visit their website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood and register if you are in the least bit concerned.

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Areas of high risk and high tides

The South West of England is at particular risk of flooding from rivers in November and December, with northern and western parts of England and Wales at increased risk after recent heavy rainfall.

Areas at risk of flooding caused by high groundwater levels mean there is increased risk of flooding in the south and east of England, with Devon, Dorset and Hampshire being particularly at risk.

The high spring tides will further add to the rising water levels and these peak during 12th -18th November and 12th – 18th December.

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Posted on 15th November, 2012